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Taking care of your Emotional Health

July 11, 2018
8 Simple Ways to Take care of your Emotional Health

There is so much emphasis on our physical health and well-being but our emotional and spiritual health is also important.  The focus for this month’s Wellness Wednesday prompt is our Emotional Health and I will be sharing some simple ways you can start taking care of your EH today. What do we mean by Emotional Health? Sometimes we make life harder than it needs to be. Part of having good mental or emotional health is to ensure that you keep…

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Discover Yourself Health & Wellness

What is Gratitude Walking?

Gratitude Walking – have you heard of it?  As someone who has written many times about the benefits of daily movement such as a brisk walk, I had never heard the term Gratitude Walking until this week. I’ve recently started an online 8 week…

June 13, 2018
Mother's Day Classic 2018 in Pictures
Health & Wellness

Mother’s Day Classic 2018 in Pictures

It’s Mother’s Day 2018 and for me that means starting my day running in the Mother’s Day Classic in Brisbane.  I run the event each year with my daughter, in memory of my Mum, who lost her battle with breast cancer 32 years ago. …

May 13, 2018
Mindful in May Challenge - Week 1
Health & Wellness Mental Health

Mindful in May Challenge – Week 1

You may have read in my recent post May is Mental Health Month  that I have taken up the Mindful in May Challenge,an online mindfulness program which also raises funds to bring clean water to those in developing countries. Each day I will be…

May 10, 2018