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Over 50s Health Wellness.  Tips for Over 50s to keep healthy and lead an active lifestyle in midlife and beyond. Loads of information about Exercise, fitness, diet, healthy eating, yoga, mindfulness, happiness, healthy in mind, body and soul.  At Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond we take a holistic approach for total health and wellness.  Join the Fab Fitters at the #couchpotatotofabfit Facebook group for daily motivation and support in your journey to be fit, fabulous, healthier and happier.  Good health is all about making lifestyle choices in eating and with exercise.  Just 30 minutes of exercise each day and eating a well-balanced diet will keep you fit and healthy.  Subscribe to and receive the free E-book ‘From Couchpotato to Fab Fit’.

#SelfCareinSeptember Health & Wellness

Self-Care in September – Part 3

September 22, 2019
Self-Care in September - Part 3

This week, Self-Care in September again encouraged us to be introspective by defining our core values, accepting and making peace with our flaws as well as having the courage to ask for help when we need it. Self-Care in September – Part 3 DAY 16 – DEFINE YOUR CORE VALUES. Do you know what your core values are? Core values highlight what we stand for and believe in. The standards by which we live our life. Take time to reflect…

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Self-Care in September - Part 2
#SelfCareinSeptember Health & Wellness

Self-Care in September – Part 2

Self-Care in September Part 2 encourages us to look inward and make some changes in our life. They include having the courage to say ‘no’ without guilt, creating boundaries and removing negative people from our life. Self-Care in September – Part 2 DAY 9…

September 15, 2019
5 pillars of Ageing Well
Ageing Well Health & Wellness

The 5 pillars of Ageing Well

We are living longer but are we ageing well? That is the question my guest, Peta Gillian, CEO of Strong Healthy Women is asking today. Peta has been a regular guest contributor and I recently attended one of her quarterly Ageless Confidence Events. I…

August 29, 2019
Self-Care in September
#SelfCareinSeptember Health & Wellness

Self-Care in September

Self-Care in September is my monthly theme and I’m taking my own advice by taking a break from blogging. My husband and I will be going on a Cruise of Alaska and a tour of the Canadian Rockies. Although I’m taking a break, I…

August 28, 2019