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Wellness Wednesday

#FITFABFEB2019 Health & Wellness Wellness Wednesday

Do you have a hidden health problem? The importance of knowing your family medical history.

February 12, 2019
Healthy heart

I regard myself as a pretty fit and healthy person and I’m sure many of you who follow my blog would probably agree. I run 2 – 3 times a week, practice daily yoga and strength training. I try to eat healthy most of the time and make sure I have my regular mammogram and colonoscopy screenings because of my family history with breast cancer and bowel cancer. Dad also had heart problems but my blood tests have always shown…

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8 Simple Ways to Take care of your Emotional Health
Health & Wellness Wellness Wednesday

Taking care of your Emotional Health

There is so much emphasis on our physical health and well-being but our emotional and spiritual health is also important.  The focus for this month’s Wellness Wednesday prompt is our Emotional Health and I will be sharing some simple ways you can start taking…

July 11, 2018