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Discover Yourself

What I want and letting go of what I don’t

October 28, 2018
What I want and letting go of what I don't

‘I want this’ is the prompt for ‘Life this Week’ with Denyse Whelan.  So I’m sitting at my computer thinking about what I want in particular and quite frankly, I’ve drawn a blank.  However, if you keep reading you will see that I did discover one thing I want. I have the obvious desires such as:- being surrounded by my loving family and friends, good health and fitness to enable me to keep active spending quality time with my husband,…

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What is Gratitude Walking?

Gratitude Walking – have you heard of it?  As someone who has written many times about the benefits of daily movement such as a brisk walk, I had never heard the term Gratitude Walking until this week. I’ve recently started an online 8 week…

June 13, 2018