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Discover Yourself

#ToEachHerOwn Campaign – Why it’s important to share & celebrate your story

September 18, 2018
Why it is important to share & celebrate your story

Lately, I’ve been contemplating life and why we sometimes feel pressure to follow what others are doing, rather than appreciating the good things about ourselves. Sure, it is great to learn from others and I know that I have greatly appreciated learning from the wonderful women who are participating in my Over 50 & Thriving Series.  They are wise and wonderful and fill me with enthusiasm and inspiration as I read each of their stories. However, it’s time to value…

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Discover Yourself Health & Wellness

What is Gratitude Walking?

Gratitude Walking – have you heard of it?  As someone who has written many times about the benefits of daily movement such as a brisk walk, I had never heard the term Gratitude Walking until this week. I’ve recently started an online 8 week…

June 13, 2018