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What brings purpose and meaning to your life After 50 – Part 3

March 20, 2019
What brings purpose & meaning to your life AFter 50

This is the third and final instalment of ‘What brings purpose and meaning to your life After 50’ with contributions from two more my favourite Over 50 Bloggers. During #MakingMarchMeaningful I asked some of my favourite Over 50 Midlife Bloggers what brought purpose and meaning to their lives.  As always they inspire me and I’m excited to share their answers with you.  This is Part 2 of a three-part series. If you missed Parts 1 and 2 you can read…

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Dressing Mindfully
#MAKINGMARCHMEANINGFUL Fashion Over 50s Lifestyle

Dressing Mindfully

I was thinking about Mindfulness and ways we can be more Mindful in our everyday life. As I was looking in my wardrobe, I wondered if that was actually being a mindful moment? I asked Christine Blundell from My Private Stylist & Sizzling Towards…

March 17, 2019