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Natural Beauty: Autumn Colours

March 19, 2017
Autumn colours

  It is coming into Autumn in Australia. Living in Brisbane, Australia is such a wonderful lifestyle.  The weather is good with sunshine year round and the winters are mild.  However, I sometimes would love to live in a place where the seasons are more defined. I do love Autumn in Brisbane because there is a feeling of ‘softness’ and freshness after the heat of summer.  The  mornings and evenings are deliciously crisp and cool with gorgeous blue sky,  It…

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Jacarandas are bloomng
Nature Travel

Jacarandas are blooming

I love Springtime where I live in sunny Queensland, Australia and I especially love the Jacarandas when they are in full bloom during the months of October and November. They instantly say springtime and make a colourful display with their purple-blue flowers. Jacarandas The…

November 4, 2016