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6 Colors to Energize your 60’s

March 19, 2019
6 Colours to Energize your 60s

Color. We’re surrounded by it. Whether it’s our makeup, our wardrobe, or our home decor, different hues and shades are all around us. While we may not recognize it, color has more influence on us than we think. Have you ever thought that orange shirt you love does more than just compliment your skin tone? Or have you ever considered that brightening up your home decor can do more than just lighten up your living room? It can be easy…

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Dressing Mindfully
#MAKINGMARCHMEANINGFUL Fashion Over 50s Lifestyle

Dressing Mindfully

I was thinking about Mindfulness and ways we can be more Mindful in our everyday life. As I was looking in my wardrobe, I wondered if that was actually being a mindful moment? I asked Christine Blundell from My Private Stylist & Sizzling Towards…

March 17, 2019