How to Find Happiness

TweetShare15Pin217 SharesI recently met a fabulous lady, Kimberly Montgomery from and I am happy to introduce you to her today.  Kimberly has an energy and passion for life which shows through in her writing.  Her main purpose is to help us find Happiness and Joy in our lives and I’m excited to share and be an affiliate for her next project – ‘Finding Your Joy’.  Kimberly writes…… How to Find Happiness I have a secret. I can read your mind. Really. (Even though we’ve probably never met, and I know virtually nothing about you.) But I DO KNOW this one, very important thing about YOU.  And here it is . . . You want to feel HAPPY.  Did your heart catch a little when you read that? Yea, I know the feeling. Behind all the wants — bigger house, shinier car, new clothes, great shoes, loving relationship — behind all of it, what we all REALLY want, and need, is to be HAPPY. You just want to feel light, joyful, excited about life. HAPPY. Why then, does it seems so hard? And so far away? Wait — don’t be hard on yourself, you’re not alone. The search for HAPPINESS … Continue reading How to Find Happiness