Living Well Coaching

Are you a Woman Over 50?  Are you struggling to rediscover who you are beyond family and career?

Are you Retired or planning to retire? Are you prepared for the Lifestyle Changes?

Think you are too old to try something new or start a new career?

Is your life feeling out of balance?

Are you someone who knows where they want to be, but just can’t work out how to get there?

Do you need some help working through what you want for the next phase of life?

Are you feeling overweight, sluggish and unfit?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then…..

I can help!

I offer one-on-one or group coaching sessions to help discuss and work through your goals and dreams to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.  I help you discover ways to achieve them and guide you to find your place in life and THRIVE!

Sessions can be held via Skype, telephone, or over a coffee if you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, and are designed to empower you and keep you accountable in achieving your goal and the life you want.

What is Coaching?

My Coaching sessions are specifically designed for the Over 50s Woman who is struggling to find her place in Midlife and Beyond


knows where she wants to be but doesn’t know how to get there


needs to lose weight, eat healthier and learn to enjoy being active through movement and exercise.

I WON’T be doing the work or solving your problems because YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO THAT.


I WILL be helping you work through the obstacles that are stopping you from moving forward in life.  My job will be to keep you accountable and on task.

You set the agenda and we work through it together. If you have a goal or dream that you want to make a reality I’m here to help.

Contact me for an initial enquiry at to arrange a FREE 30 minute no obligation phone call to discuss the next step.

What clients have to say……

Sue has helped me to drill down on different aspects of my mindset particularly with how I see myself. Helping me to drill down on clarifying what my priorities are and where I am spending my time. A big thing for me was also working out the things I don’t want. Looking at what I do want and ways to achieve them. Working out my goals and learning micro steps.

The most valuable part of our sessions is that Sue not only listens but really hears what I am saying, helping me to see why I may think/ feel these things

The accountability is so very important to me, whilst not judging or taking me to task but encouraging me to keep moving on and stretching myself out of my comfort zone.

Christine, Tasmania

I was floundering with no direction. Sue’s motivation and her positive attitude helped me to realise that I need to take responsibility for myself and focus more on being positive.

I look forward to Sue’s sessions because I feel I can be totally open and honest with her. I appreciate her genuine concern and suggestions of ways to cope that I had never thought of.

Jillian, Gold Coast
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