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Don’t focus on your Age – Just get on with the business of living

May 3, 2016
don't focus on age

  I was honoured recently to be interviewed by Maggie Sloan an artist who lives in the US. Maggie has a website Mockingbirds at Midnight and is a very talented lady and paints beautiful watercolours. Her ‘About Me’ page opens with ‘I paint portraits, landscapes, and anything else. I love to tell stories. I play traditional Irish music.’ So when I met this lady through blogging I knew we would certainly click – I used to do Irish dancing when…

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Discover Yourself

Tattoos Are No Longer Taboo

I can remember growing up in the 50’s in Australia and tattoos were rather taboo.  They were mainly worn by men who were sailors or wharfies or “rough’ types and if women had them then they were considered ‘loose’. How times have changed and…

May 13, 2015