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5 effective ways finding your courage will improve your life

July 16, 2018
5 effective ways finding your courage will improve your life

Courage is usually associated with acts of heroics or facing life’s toughest challenges.  The recent rescue of the 12 children and their soccer coach from deep within the caves of Thailand, showed courage, not only by the rescuers but also the children and coach who sat in darkness for many days waiting to be found and rescued. We see courage in those who are facing personal battles, such as my friend, Denyse Whelan who has shared her battle with Cancer…

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Best of Boomer Blogs Over 50s Lifestyle

Best of Boomer Blogs for May

It is time again for me to host the Best of Boomer Blogs and this week our contributors cover a vairety of topics which always makes for interesting and entertaining reading. Self-Awareness & Self- Development Some change is desirable and delightful, while other change…

May 7, 2018
how travel changes you

Meaningful Mondays: 9 Ways Travel Changes You

  I previously published this post about two years ago but revisited and updated it.  This week we are heading off on a cruise of the South Pacific.  It will be only for 7 days but I’m so looking forward to travelling again. I…

April 17, 2017
Easter new beginnings
Over 50s Lifestyle

Easter a time for new beginnings

  Whilst Easter is one of the holiest events on the Christian calendar it can also be a time for all of us to give thought to new beginnings. In the northern hemisphere Spring is in the air and with Spring comes birth and…

April 9, 2017
Change and improve
Discover Yourself

9 Easy Ways to Change & Improve Your Life

CHANGE can be difficult but also empowering.  Sometimes we fear change but if we open our minds change can be wonderful and exciting.  We usually don’t change unless we are forced to, however the winds of change blow through our life and sometimes we…

December 4, 2015