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How do you rate on the Life Happiness and Contentment Scale?

March 26, 2017
Life happiness and contentment

How do you rate on the Life happiness and contentment scale? Do you ever take the time to assess how your life is tracking in the happiness and contentment department? My 3 month report card – I need to check in to see if my quest to Simplify my life for increased happiness and contentment working. It was my Word for the year – ‘Simplify’.  After a hectic year where I did not achieve ‘Balance’ (my word for last year),…

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Week 1 #100happydays Review

Well Week 1 my first week of the #100happydays challenge is completed and I’ve been fortunate to have many happy moments through out the week.  I’d love to share my moments with you and would love to hear about yours.  We have so much…

November 7, 2015