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Menopause – “Are there Non-Hormone Options?”

March 20, 2016
Menopause Series Part 5

  Last week we had Part 4 in our series of Posts from Dr Catherine Hansen on the subject of Menopause. I found Part 4- Why Trust Your Doctor? very informative and it certainly is so important to build a comfortable working relationship with your Doctor, especially during this phase of life. This week I’m bringing you Part 5, the final part in our series in the 5 Week Series on Menopause by Dr Catherine Hansen. Dr Hansen, who specializes…

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Menopause series Part 1
Health & Wellness Menopause

Menopause – What is Happening To Me?

Are you showing signs of menopause?  The hot flushes, night sweats, hormones all over the place – sound familiar? I am honoured to bring you a 5 Week Series on Menopause by Dr Catherine Hansen, who specializes in Women’s Health, in particular peri and…

February 22, 2016