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Discover Yourself Stepping Out of my comfort zone

Is your Comfort Zone too Comfortable? 3 simple steps to change your ‘If I could’ to ‘I will try’

July 29, 2018
Is your Comfort Zone too Comfortable?

‘Comfort Zone’.  We hear this term quite often and like many terms can become so over-used that they lose their impact.  Some of you might even say that you are very happy in your ‘comfort zone’ and don’t want to move outside.  That is perfectly fine, because to me, being happy is paramount and happiness for one person might be totally different to another person’s vision of happiness. However, I have a question for you:  ‘Is your ‘comfort zone’ too…

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dream secret
Discover Yourself

Unlock the Secret & Make Your Dream a Reality

Do you know the secret to making your dream a reality? The answer: It’s all about TIME! You CAN make your dream a reality by managing your time We know that to achieve anything you need to Commit and Plan.  Sometimes we have to…

March 16, 2016
6 steps to find balance in your life
Health & Wellness

6 Easy Ways to Restore Balance In Your Life

Want to Restore Balance In Your Life? How do we find Balance in Our Life?  We work, have family and social commitments. Life is hectic.  Balance isimportant for those still working or raising a family or even retired. My six steps can be adapted…

February 9, 2015