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#MicrosteppinginMay Health & Wellness

The #MicrosteppinginMay Plank Challenge

May 24, 2019
#MicrosteppinginMay Plank Challenge

We are into the last week of #MicrosteppinginMay. Have you made any microsteps towards your goal or achieving healthier habits? I hope you have been inspired by my guests and posts to work towards making changes in your life one step at a time. Let’s do a challenge to finish the month stronger and healthier! The #MicrosteppinginMay Plank Challenge Each day this week, join me to build our core strength one plank at a time.  Start holding a plank for…

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Get Active Feel Alive Over 50
#ActiveApril Health & Wellness

#ActiveApril Week 1

Are you ready? Yes you are! If you have opened this post then you have decided to make some changes in your lifestyle to Get Active & Feel Alive! I’m excited to be sharing #ActiveApril with you. I will be doing it too so…

March 30, 2019
8 Simple Ways to Take care of your Emotional Health
Health & Wellness Wellness Wednesday

Taking care of your Emotional Health

There is so much emphasis on our physical health and well-being but our emotional and spiritual health is also important.  The focus for this month’s Wellness Wednesday prompt is our Emotional Health and I will be sharing some simple ways you can start taking…

July 11, 2018