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3 easy ways to create your happy place

September 12, 2017
3 easy ways to create your happy space

I recently read about finding your happy place.  A place you can just step away from the world for a while and be relaxed and restful. Do you know that you don’t actually need a physical place to go but can find your happy place within your mind? For me my happy place is sitting in the sun with my eyes closed and just thinking about all the good things in my life.  My happy place is found in creating…

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31 days to focus on you

Why my word for 2017 was ‘Simplify’

Back in January, I decided to make my word for 2017 ‘Simplify’.  Life had become so hectic and I really couldn’t see it slowing down.  I felt like I was on a roller coaster and had failed in achieving Balance in my life –…

July 14, 2017