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A to Z Challenge 2018

‘F’ is for FUN – 3 ways to bring more FUN back into your life

April 6, 2018
3 ways to bring more Fun into your life

  When was the last time you actually had some fun?  I mean doing something that was perhaps frivolous or light-hearted that made you actually feel really good.  Children know how to have fun, because they are carefree and are not inhibited in expressing their joy or trying new things. As we become adults and some of us ‘grow up’, we forget how to have fun because we limit ourselves and can even feel guilty about doing something we perceive…

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5 top life hacks
Health & Wellness

My Top 5 Life Hacks for Happier, Healthier Life

Do you struggle to get through everything in a day and find that there is NO TIME FOR YOU or YOUR HEALTH? In this week’s #FridayReflections, (a FB Blogging group I belong to), one of the writing prompts asked:  “What are your top life…

March 18, 2016
Embrace your inner child
Discover Yourself

Isn’t it Time You Embraced Your Inner Child?

Have you seen the Colouring Books that are supposedly the ‘latest thing’ in relieving stress?  I used to adore colouring-in as a child and was so pleased when my ‘Secret Santa’ gave me a Colouring Book and pencils for Christmas.  I love sitting down…

March 11, 2016
Discover Yourself

10 Steps to Finding Happiness In Your Life

  HAPPINESS - WHAT IS IT? It is International Day of Happiness and it started me thinking about Happiness and what it means to me. While researching ‘happiness’ I came across this website, World Happiness Forum totally devoted to happiness. It has some great reading…

March 20, 2015