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dare to dream
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Who Needs Negativity? Dare to Dream & Go For It!

Do you ever feel as if your life might have been different?  As we reach midlife we have the luxury of time and reflection.  Sometimes we regret certain decisions that we have made or paths we did not take.  However, we have the ability…

January 29, 2016
Change and improve
Discover Yourself

9 Easy Ways to Change & Improve Your Life

CHANGE can be difficult but also empowering.  Sometimes we fear change but if we open our minds change can be wonderful and exciting.  We usually don’t change unless we are forced to, however the winds of change blow through our life and sometimes we…

December 4, 2015
Be happy
Discover Yourself

Week 3 #100happydays challenge Review

Week 3 of the #100happydays challenge is completed, however it was difficult to find happiness on Saturday in light of the attacks in Paris.  It was ironic that I had written a post about Kindness for World Kindness Day – the day of the…

November 22, 2015
Discover Yourself

Riding the Waves of Life

It’s been a very tough month!  I’ve lost a close friend, my brother and I have been ill for most of the month.  So I’ve been indulging in some ‘self pity’, something I really hate doing, but you know what?  Life can be too…

November 6, 2015
you are not a failure
Discover Yourself

Why Failing Doesn’t Make YOU a FAILURE!

Do you ever have those days when it just doesn’t feel right but you can’t put our finger on it?  Have you ever wanted to do something and then failed in the attempt? It can be quite disappointing at the time and we can…

September 23, 2015
Wish and Make it happen
Discover Yourself

Don’t Wish it Would Happen – Make it Happen

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines ‘a wish’ as ‘Feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen’ We all have desires and dreams which we aspire to achieve.  What would life be if we didn’t…

September 9, 2015
Health & Wellness

The Top 5 Benefits of Having an Exercise Buddy

So you have set your goal to exercise regularly.  You buy the outfit, feeling enthusiastic and ready for the challenge.  A couple of weeks in and the little voice in your head starts coming up with excuses for not exercising. “It’s too hot, It’s too cold,…

September 4, 2015