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Fit and Fabulous – Create a daily ritual

January 11, 2017
Create a daily ritual

  Being Fit and Fabulous is not just about our physical health but also our mental and spiritual health.  The combination of all three areas of our being is important to our overall health and wellness. One of my biggest hurdles in life is starting the day well.  I’m not a restful sleeper and many mornings wake as early as 3am.  I find it difficult to go back to sleep and as soon as I’m awake my mind is ‘on’…

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A New Way To Relieve Stress?

Have you tried different ways to relieve stress in your life? There are the usual proven stress relievers such as meditation, exercise, catching up with friends, taking a holiday, reading, jigsaw puzzles.  You get the picture. How about trying something different but something I’m sure you have…

July 20, 2015