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‘R’ is for Resilience – Why you need it in the good times and bad

April 20, 2018

  Resilience – What makes the human spirit resilient? What makes us get up when we are knocked down? Resilience can be learned and built upon each day to make us stronger and more capable of coping with trauma and problems. How resilient are you?  Can you take on the challenges of life when they come or do you feel overwhelmed and collapse at the first sign of difficulty?  What makes communities who have been devastated by natural forces, pull…

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Festive Season 2016
Festive Season

Festive Season 2016 – For all things Festive

It is almost the Festive Season 2016, that time of year when the end of another year seems to be hurtling towards us.  This year I’ve compiled my Festive Season Collection 2016 – for all things Festive.  These are posts all related to the…

November 13, 2016
7 Ways to keep an ageing brain sharp
Health & Wellness

7 Ways to Keep an Ageing Brain Sharp

We all know that as we age, we need to keep not only exercising our bodies but also our mind.  Keeping our brain sharp and active allows us to continue living active and fulfilling lives. This week I would like to introduce a guest…

August 1, 2016