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What is Gratitude Walking?

June 13, 2018

Gratitude Walking – have you heard of it?  As someone who has written many times about the benefits of daily movement such as a brisk walk, I had never heard the term Gratitude Walking until this week. I’ve recently started an online 8 week Whole Body Makeover with Jannine Murray, a personal trainer from Victoria, BC with 12 years experience as a personal trainer based on a holistic approach and with the emphasis on loving and accepting who you are…

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6 easy ways to reach 10,000 steps
Health & Wellness

Easy ways to reach 10,000 steps each day

Well the first week of Steptember is completed and I’ve learned a few things about Steps!  Firstly, it surprisingly doesn’t take too much effort to achieve the 10,000 steps as long as you are active.  Being active and moving is the key. Of course,…

September 8, 2016
Health & Wellness

I’m Stepping out for Steptember

It is almost September and Springtime in Australia!   When I was looking for a monthly fitness challenge for myself and the #couchpotatotofabfit Facebook Group I came across ‘Steptember’. Perfect! Exercise and raising money for Cerebral Palsy. The idea of Steptember is to walk 10,000…

August 26, 2016
Walking Your Way to Fitness - Beginner
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Walk Your Way To Fitness – Beginner

  This is the Beginner Program for Walking Your Way to Fitness.  Once you reach 30 minutes of brisk walking without huffing and puffing you can move on to the Walking Your Way To Fitness – Intermediate Program Before you commence your walking program read…

July 8, 2015
Walking your way to fitness
Discover Yourself Health & Wellness

Walk Your Way to Fitness

Most of my readers know that I love running as part of my health and fitness routine.  I’m not a natural runner, however I do like this form of exercise.  You don’t need to be an Olympian or a Marathon runner to keep fit and…

June 25, 2015