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My 25 Day Countdown to a Happy Christmas Over 50s Lifestyle

My 25 day Countdown to a Happy Christmas

November 25, 2018
My 25 day Countdown to a Happy Christmas

It is almost December and already the feeling of Christmas is in the air! Shopping centres are decorated and Christmas music is playing. I have even seen Santa and we aren’t finished with November yet! With this feeling I’ve also noticed people looking stressed already as they prepare for the Festive Season and what should be an enjoyable time. I was talking to a friend the other day who was stressing about Christmas and I thought how sad it was…

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Chocaholics Rejoice – Its Okay to Eat Chocolate!

Chocaholics rejoice! Hands up who indulged (or overindulged) in Chocolate over the Easter break.  Come on, don’t hide it, we probably all ate at least one (or more) easter eggs or chocolate bunnies over the holidays. If you did, then I have some good…

April 6, 2015