The Gratitude Series – Introducing Denyse Whelan

TweetShare17Pin219 Shares I’m excited today to introduce my first guest in The Gratitude Series.  Denyse Whelan, from Denyse Whelan Blogs is a very special and inspirational lady who I met earlier this year through her weekly link up.  Denyse keeps us on our toes with writing prompts for each Monday’s link up and is such a gentle and warm soul. Recently, Denyse faced some major health challenges in her life and has been such an inspiration to us all with her positive attitude and determination.  Successfully recovering Denyse has much to be grateful for and shares her thoughts with us.  I would encourage you to also check out Denyse’s website and follow her on social media especially if you are needing a little daily inspiration. There Is Something About Gratitude. It makes me take a few seconds each day to consider what I may be grateful for and to articulate this or write about them. Like some people these days I have a gratitude journal. It is not a hand-written journal though. It is an app and it even reminds me every day to write something in the journal. To come up with 3 things I am grateful for. Some … Continue reading The Gratitude Series – Introducing Denyse Whelan